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Bentley is a highly accomplished executive with a wealth of experience spanning over 18 years in print, creative production, logistics, marketing, branding, and technology digital solutions development. As a visionary and results-driven leader, he has consistently delivered value to customers and partners throughout his career. Bentley's expertise in driving relevant connections and fostering collaborations has led him to develop several scalable proprietary products, IPs, and innovations that have proven instrumental to the growth of numerous businesses.Bentley's passion for spearheading change-based initiatives, maximizing partnerships, and creating business development opportunities is evident in his leadership at Qme. He has leveraged his skills to build Qme into a robust solutions ecosystem with partners and clients worldwide. The Qme Spotlight Ecosystem agency, under Bentley's guidance, has developed over a dozen proprietary IPs that accelerate the growth and connectivity of small businesses, communities, trade, farming, news/media, and funding and capital assessment readiness tools.One of Bentley's key priorities is developing highly valuable and scalable technology IPs with a core focus on supporting small business growth, environmental and social responsibility, and community success and sustainability. Under his leadership, the agency has made significant strides in supporting small business growth and promoting environmental and social responsibility.

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My Qme LLC DBA Qme Spotlight Ecosystem




United States


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