BIPOC XChange Who we are

  • Who owns the story controls reality, the social fabric, and also who wins and loses. As such, we see a media diversity crisis with serious economic, social and political implications that are not being adequately addressed.

  • The Multicultural Media & Correspondents Association (MMCA) is a non-partisan 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 2017 to increase equity and inclusion in the media ecosystem. Our growing community consists of BIPOC media stakeholders and allies resolved to secure greater control over who, what, where, when and how our story is told.

  • MMCA’s work focuses primarily on improving the prospects for BIPOC media ownership and control by eliminating structural barriers and creating a platform that helps BIPOC media stakeholders to seize their unrealized market potential and also helps brands, investors and other stakeholder partners to lower their risks and increase ROI in doing business with BIPOC media.

BIPOC XChange Why we launched the BIPOC Exchange

To unleash the untapped market potential of BIPOC Media.

  • Consistent with the demographic and social empathy shifts in the US, consumer demand for equitable and culturally competent news and entertainment is soaring. Black, Indigenous, and People of Color media creators and platforms (BIPOC Media) have clearly demonstrated the ability to create, control and distribute marketable and culturally competent content. Government and brands are responding to public pressure to increase funding and advertising spending with BIPOC Media and to acknowledge and address structural barriers impeding their success.

  • Despite this strong demand, demonstrated ability and increased pressure to increase equity in advertising, little progress is being made. One reason is that BIPOC Media has no easily accessible or streamlined way to connect with the advertisers, funders, content creators, and the audience needed to seize this market opportunity. Nor can they easily learn how to update outdated business models, build capacity, collaborate or implement industry best practices. Another reason is that BIPOC stakeholders in the media ecosystem are all small, splintered and without a central platform for the coalition-building and collective advocacy needed to exert economic, social, or political power.

BIPOC XChange How will the BIPOCXChange help

  • The BIPOCXChange is a metaverse solution created by MMCA that unleashes the untapped market potential of BIPOC media. The secure digital ecosystem seamlessly connects BIPOC media stakeholders with each other and with private and public entities wanting to invest, support and or do business with them. It also has a newsmaker space to showcase content and promotions, and a resource hub with useful information and tools to address pain points in the creation, promotion and distribution of news and entertainment content.

  • After registering and setting up a user profile on the BIPOCXChange, users can access all the benefits of the platform which include the ability to:

    1. request and share insights and information about available financial and technical resources and business opportunities,
    2. build advocacy coalitions and launch advocacy campaigns
    3. post and share content, including press releases, videos, news
    4. promote events, projects, programs, and resources;
    5. request and market products and services, and job and business opportunities.

  • Users can also access MMCA’s fee-for-service offerings with include communications, buying and selling advertising and sponsorships; ideation, curation, and promotion of events; support of issue advocacy campaigns; posting of media advisory and press releases; and access to MMCA’s industry information and action alerts.
  • Key platform features include instant messaging, and private chat rooms to host clubhouse-styled events. Users can also monitor and collect metrics, via a custom data & analytics dashboard, of user engagement, user growth, trending topics, search results, and resource usage across the platform.
  • The BIPOCXChange will also have a Newsmaker space where users can view and share content, and also promote and announce new jobs, programs, campaigns, and business opportunities. In addition, the platform will have the ability to integrate and connect paid support resources for everything BIPOC media entities need to grow and succeed and the brand needs to access their audience.

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