BIPOC XChange Who We are

The Multicultural Media & Correspondents Association (MMCA) is a non-partisan 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 2017 to increase equity and inclusion in the media ecosystem. Seven years ago, we began marshaling Black, Latinae, Asian American and other people of color in media (BIPOC Media) and supporters in a call to action to take more control over the narrative informing and being told about BIPOC communities and to become a more effective, reliable and sought after multicultural marketing, messaging and mobilization channel for the public, private and social sectors. Our work focuses on strengthening the infrastructure and eliminating structural barriers keeping BIPOC media stakeholders from seizing their unrealized market potential. Our work also focuses on helping marketers and other stakeholder partners to lower their risks and increase ROI in doing business with BIPOC media.

BIPOC XChange Why we launched the BXC

Why we launched the BXC: The proliferation of dis/misinformation in social and alternative news media coupled with the growing mistrust and limited ability of mainstream media to effectively reach younger and multicultural audiences is undeniably a major threat to our Democracy. Elected officials, civic leaders, and companies and organizations in the private, public and social sectors are becoming acutely aware of the economic, social and political implications of this problem and desperately need the help of BIPOC media to counter this misinformation and effectively message, mobilize and market to this critical and growing constituency and consumer base. However, there is currently no easy, reliable and effective way of doing so at scale.

BIPOC XChange How will the BIPOCXChange help

The BIPOCXChange (BXC) is a metaverse solution created by MMCA that unleashes the untapped market potential of BIPOC media to serve as the premier channel for multicultural marketing and communications. The secure digital ecosystem combines an Associated Press-styled news agency with an expanded LinkedIn-styled professional networking platform that allows BIPOC media to share and syndicate timely news and entertainment content and to connect with each other and with private and public entities wanting to invest, support and or do business with them. BXC also provides private, public and social sector marketing and communications leaders with an easy, reliable and measurable single-point channel to engage BIPOC media for all their earned and paid media needs.

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