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We started Kushae to help empower YOU to own your vaginal health because we believe 'you deserve to feel amazing and confident every day.' Our mission since day one has been to provide ALL women with credible, effective, and safe products that put their health first - for a more pleasurable quality of life.

When OB/GYN, Dr. Barb and ex-Pharmaceutical Sales Consultant turned naturalista, Kimba (AKA The Natural Diva), met for the very first time, there was no denying the chemistry was instantaneous. Dr. Barb and The Natural Diva got to swapping ideas and sharing insights on chemical-free solutions to the feminine care issues we're all so familiar with.

And from that innocent conversation, where ideas flowed like a fine wine at a dinner party, BK Naturals was born, with a mission to whip up effective, yet gentle, naturally-based feminine care products and pH balanced, created by women, for women. The rest, they say, is Kushae™.

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Palm Beach Gardens


United States


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