Talibdin Elamin (Publisher)


In 1912, brothers Joseph Everett Mitchell and William Mitchell founded an insurance company newsletter for the Western Union Relief Association in St. Louis, Missouri. Over time, the publication grew both in scale and reach, eventually becoming the The St. Louis ARGUS Newspaper. Over the span of it’s 111-year run, The ARGUS has served the African American community with unswerving dedication; it is now the oldest continously operating Black-owned business in the Gateway City. The namesake of the newspaper was ARGOS PANOPTES (the all seeing one), a giant of Greek mythology with 100 eyes that never closed at the same time. The ARGUS became a “NEVER-SLEEPING CRUSADER”, whose purpose is inform and protect the community through it’s journalism, with insight, truth and diligence.

Company Name

The St. Louis Argus


St. Louis


United States


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