Black History & Executive Order 13985 - Interview with Keith Moore (Advancing Minority Contracting)

The Minority Business Development Agency Federal Procurement Center is presenting a Black History month podcast series during the month of February 2023. They have selected 28 leaders from around the globe who they believe are committed to living out the precepts of, and promoting President Biden's Executive Order 13985 Advancing Racial Equity in their daily lives. 

Timothy Maurice Webster, Behavioral Psychologist, Author & Professional Podcaster, MBDA FPC, Operator | President, KDM & Associates, LLC, about his understanding of how the MBDA FPC is helping to create an inspired community of entrepreneurs, minority businesses, change agents and public sector officials from the Federal Government agencies who are committed to Advancing Racial Equity through Executive Order 13985. This is the first of a series of podcasts during Black History Month.


The Host / Interviewer: 

Timothy Maurice Webster, Timothy Maurice Webster, Behavioral Psychologist, Brain and Brand  Author, & Professional Podcaster

[email protected] 


Guest Speaker:

Keith Moore, MBDA FPC, Operator | President, KDM & Associates, LLC

[email protected]  



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