Wicked City on ALLBLK

A BIPOC Media Wire Exclusive - The BIPOCXChange hosts a conversation with the producers and cast of the new AMC ALLBLK paranormal series Wicked City, streaming now.

Wicked City

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WICKED CITY | Season One

While living their best life in Atlanta, four young, chic, modern-day witches, Jordan Davis (Smith), Mona De La Cruz (McDowell), Angela Harris (Maurice), and Sherise Baker (Mack) make the acquaintance of Camille (Polidore), a naturally powerful witch who is oblivious to her gift.

Reluctantly, Camille joins the women for a spell, but things take a menacing turn resulting in an accidental death. The witches quickly perform a forbidden resurrection spell, however, it is too late, as a dark sinister being is brought back from the other side.

Now, between their complicated personal lives, unearthed secrets of the past, and attempting to defeat a powerful wraith, this coven is in for the most dangerous ride of their lives.

Wicked City | Season 1: A Spell Gone Too Far (allblk.tv)