Your Single Solution for BIPOC Media Engagement and Collaboration Seamlessly connect and collaborate with the people, organizations, tools and information needed to generate revenue, solve problems and succeed.

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What is the BIPOCXChange?

The BIPOCXChange is a metaverse solution created by MMCA to help Black, Indigenous and People of Color media increase ownership and control over who, what, where, when and how our story is told.
This powerful digital ecosystem seamlessly provides members with the first-ever single solution to all of their BIPOC Media engagement needs while also allowing BIPOC media to connect and collaborate with those entities and individuals wanting to invest, support, provide services or do business with BIPOC media.

It’s both a Newsmaker Space, where members can contribute and access repurposable content, and a Resource Hub, where members can access useful information and tools to address pain points regularly encountered while doing business in the current media ecosystem.

Why You Should Join

Benefits for Media Owners

Get access to content, capital, media spend, talent and resources to grow your reach, revenue and relevance.

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Benefits for Strategic Partners

Tap into an expansive community of BIPOC publishers who can help you reach, engage, build trust, and promote your products, services and good works to their audiences in a way that meets strategic goals and provides measurable ROI.

The BIPOCXChange is also an invaluable tool for foundations, nonprofits, academic institutions, investors, lenders, and other stakeholders looking to find, fund, support, build advocacy coalitions, conduct research, promote resources to and otherwise engage with BIPOC media.

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Benefits for Talent

Get hired and get paid true value for your skills, work and services. The BIPOCXChange also acts as a free speakers bureau for commentators and experts looking to be booked for shows and media engagements.

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Benefits for Newsmakers

Expand your influence by hosting, posting and participating in live events, news conferences, podcasts, announcements, commentaries, as well as clubhouse-styled events. Monitor and collect metrics, and track user engagement, user growth, trending topics, search results, and resource usage using our customized Data & Analytics Dashboard.

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