Thirty Years and Beyond: Celebrating Dayton Weekly News and Elevate Dayton's Collaborative Journey

By Nate Dillard
The Big Picture: Marking 30 years of dedicated service, the Dayton Weekly News (DWN) stands as a beacon in Dayton's African-American community. Since its inception by Don Black, the publication has been an unwavering source of culturally resonant news, celebrating Black experiences and challenging mainstream narratives.

Elevate Dayton Partnership: A significant chapter in DWN's history is its content syndication and sharing partnership with Elevate Dayton, established in 2020. This collaboration has amplified the reach and impact of stories central to the African-American experience in Dayton, merging DWN's rich heritage with Elevate Dayton's innovative digital approach.
Zoom In: This partnership embodies a shared mission of empowerment and representation. DWN's commitment to uplifting Black culture and voices aligns seamlessly with Elevate Dayton's focus on amplifying underrepresented narratives through a modern, digital-first platform.

What's Next: Looking forward, both DWN and Elevate Dayton are excited to elevate this partnership. The goal is to expand their collaborative efforts, leveraging new technologies and strategies to further enrich and diversify the media landscape in Dayton, particularly for the African-American community.

The Community Angle: In Dayton's BIPOC communities, this partnership has been a catalyst for greater inclusivity and representation in media. It serves as a model for how traditional and new media can work together to deepen community engagement and broaden perspectives.

Acknowledgements: In his letter to the community, Donerik G. Black, the publisher of DWN, extends gratitude to key contributors like Brenda Coleman, Brenda Cochran, Ras Calhoun, Deon Cash, Denise Martin, and RoShawn Winburn. Their dedication has been instrumental in the newspaper's success.

The Bottom Line: As DWN celebrates its 30-year legacy, the enduring and evolving partnership with Elevate Dayton signifies a commitment to adapting and growing in the ever-changing media landscape. Together, they continue to be pivotal in shaping and sharing the African-American narrative in Dayton, fostering a richer, more diverse community dialogue.


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