MMCA 2024 Sheroes Awards Ceremony: A Necessary Night Filled with Hope 

Publishable Article By Isabella Graham Courtesy of BIPOCXChange


With journalists losing jobs at an increasing rate and 76% of journalists are white), the Multicultural Media & Correspondents Association’s  Sheroes in Media Awards Reception was a needed respite. As people entered the 14th floor of the National Press Club, the bright pink “red” carpet became crowded with people waiting to take a picture. 

What was immediately obvious as the doors to the reception opened was that no one was in a corner. People congregated at different tables, starting conversations based on known work, previous introductions, and even a compliment on a good-looking outfit. The focus was not solely on the honorees. 

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The reception began without the guests of honors in the room so guests could create connections with one another. As the sheroes joined the group, they fluttered around the room, speaking with guests. They welcomed questions and connected with attendees. 

We entered the cavernous theater filled with rows of seats, and the lights dimmed. Each of the honorees delivered insightful and motivational speeches. They stressed inclusive storytelling and the importance of fostering diversity in all kinds of journalism. The energy in the room was palpable–media diversity is paramount, especially at this moment in time. 

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The audience sat in awe of their laudable accomplishments (and outfits), clapping as the honorees walked on and off stage. Multiple eyes teared up as the awardees spoke of their motivations. Each woman spoke about those who inspired and supported them throughout their career, reminding the attendees that we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. 

As the ceremony came to a close, the night was far from over. A large group of guests circled around the stage, waiting to take pictures. The pink carpet flooded with people yet again. Those not taking photos were having an equally delightful time, filling their plates with tasteful food and gathering around tables to continue the conversation. 

During this tabletop chatter, people spoke with the awardees and other impressive guests, networking and making plans to collaborate. Each of the honorees' achievements deserved admiration, and watching them receive praise was a fulfilling and inspiring sight. These sheroes have helped create fair and inclusive media industries in their respective fields for Black, Indigenous, and people of color and women. guests left galvanized and excited to have been in the presence of real Sheroes.


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