Grow Your Reach And Revenues With DISC Digital News Boards

Want to significantly increase your reach and revenues? 

Let DISC help you set up digital screens in high-traffic venues, like restaurants, retail stores and community and fitness centers and begin delivering information, announcements, advertisements, and other content directly to your target audience where they live, work and play. No more just waiting and hoping for them to come to you.

Here are some of the benefits for media platforms:

  • Stay connected to your current audience
  • Build and capture a new audience for your media brand
  • Launch and generate a new revenue stream
  • Deliver thousands of impressions for your sales and promotional campaigns
  • Capture real-time analytics
  • Increase your platform’s comprehensive reach





Dynasty Interactive Screen Community (DISC), in partnership with GoLocal Media, is helping media platforms connect with audiences and increase their revenue using indoor digital billboards aka digital news boards. We help Publishers launch and grow their digital news board product by…

  • Network building (venue presentation and audience measurement)
  • Equipment installation and maintenance
  • Creation of point of sales portal
  • Sales Training & Consultation

Our current regional network (Atlanta, Minneapolis and St. Louis) is connected nationally reaching over 4 million people in their respective neighborhoods. If you are ready to get started click the link below.




More About the BIPOCXChange

The BIPOCXChange (BXC) is a disruptive new tech-based solution created to help Black, Latine, Indigenous and other People of Color (BLIPOC) -led and -serving media accelerate growth and increase their collective control over who, what, where, when and if news and information are delivered to and about the audiences they serve.   

This powerful LinkedIn-styled digital ecosystem connects Black- and Brown-owned and -serving media, content creators, media professionals and influencers with each other, with resources and with entities wanting to support or do business with them. The BXC also provides private, public and social sector marketers with the first-ever single solution to seamlessly facilitate earned and paid multicultural media marketing at scale. 

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