Dayton Embarks on a $15 Million STEM Education Journey

By Nate Dillard
The Big Picture: A $15 million STEM education facility is set to be constructed on a Dayton-area college campus, signaling a significant investment in the future of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education in the region, according to the Dayton Business Journal.

What's Next: Global Impact STEM Academy (GISA) will break ground this fall for the new 30,000-square-foot facility at Clark State’s Springfield campus. This expansion is part of a collaboration with West Center Port Authority and Columbus-based Marker, Inc.

Zoom In: The facility's location, between Leffel Lane and the LRC building, is strategic, leveraging proximity to Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport and the National Advanced Air Mobility Center of Excellence. The design-build partner for this project is Marker, Inc.

By the Numbers:

$15 million: Cost of the new STEM facility.

30,000 square feet: Size of the planned facility.

December 2024: Anticipated completion date.

The Bottom Line: GISA's expansion will enrich its curriculum with new career paths like aerospace and aviation technology, aligning with local and regional workforce development needs. This initiative is a significant step toward fostering a globally connected workforce and equipping students for the rapidly evolving job market in STEM fields.

One Digital Work Angle: This development holds particular promise for BIPOC and underrepresented communities in Dayton, Ohio. By focusing on STEM education, GISA offers pathways to high-demand, skilled careers, potentially narrowing educational and economic gaps. The facility's advanced training in fields like aerospace and aviation could open doors to high-paying jobs and create a more diverse and inclusive workforce in these sectors.
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