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By Serdar Tumgoren

of Big Local News


Trying to keep tabs on contractors scooping up bids in the region? School boards discussing CRT? The latest big box store angling to build in your town? Agenda Watch has you covered.

The new Agenda Watch platform, built by Big Local News at Stanford University and the Reynolds Journalism Institute, is now live to help journalists shine a light on local government. By law, public agencies must post notice of upcoming discussions (agendas) and provide a record of their meetings (minutes). Agenda Watch harvests those documents on a daily basis from agencies across the country. You can research topics of interest on the platform and subscribe to receive alerts when similar items crop up in new documents.

Agenda Watch is designed by and for local reporters. Many of us have spent late nights in city council and school board meetings, waiting for a vital public issue to come up for discussion. And many of us have missed important public meetings because there simply are too many to cover. 

Government doesn’t slow down for the public, but our hope is that Agenda Watch will enable journalists and the public to keep a closer eye on decisions that affect their communities.

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